Porsche 904 Carrera GTS History


Porsche was strongly affiliated with motorsports right from the start. In the 50's and early 60's there were some significant but oversee able racing successes in Formula 2 & 1.


1962: Porsche focuses solely on sports car racing


1963: A decisive moment: the birth of the Porsche Carrera GTS. Successor to the Porsche 718, the Porsche 904 was the first Porsche with a plastic body, which was connected to a box frame.


That meant: A super light and aerodynamic body, combined with a very powerful mid-engine concept. 


The result was a highly successful racing car.


1964/1965: Production of the highly coveted Carrera GTS.


Around 110 vehicles were built only to achieve GT homologation. Demand far exceeded production; it was just enough not to be forgotten and rare enough to be an immortal legend.


2018: AESTEC starts its own journey, a tribute to a timeless beauty.



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