The AESTEC Project




Every revolution begins with a spark.

And it was the accidental appearance of a rare Porsche 904 at the spectacular "Modena Cento Ore Rally Classic" that launched the Aestec project.


There it was, the extraordinary Porsche 904 in a sea of 911s. It's hard to imagine that Porsche is famous for the 911, but not for the Porsche 904, despite its huge potential and especially in view of its undeniable successes in racing history. In fact, both cars were icons designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. Although the Porsche 904 was his personal favourite, it was almost forgotten.

The Porsche 904 is one of the most aesthetically pleasing throws in automotive history and is still considered one of the most beautiful sports cars ever built, a timeless classic.  Read more about the 904 here


The time has come for modernisation.

When we sold an original Porsche 904 at the beginning of 2016, we were confronted with the much too small dimensions for today's drivers.


The new owner was simply too big to fit into the original racing car dimensions of the 60s, or only after a complete redesign of the roof section. This conflict led to passionate discussions to create something completely new, something relevant, more personal for today's sports car drivers - an AESTEC GTS.


The AESTEC concept goes far beyond that. Our vision is to leave the history of the Porsche 911 as a tribute to the 904 and to implement our vision of the 904. A vision that is always open to new ideas, both aesthetically and technologically.

An AESTEC GTS should carry the aesthetics of the Porsche 904 and the technologically first-class amenities of a modern sports car.


Each Aestec GTS is bespoke to the driver's requirements, whether the focus is on sportiness or suitability for everyday use is up to you. 

We welcome you on this way and invite you to accompany us on the next step of our adventure. 

Chassis and body

When choosing the chassis, the Porsche 986 was quickly chosen, as it is considered a direct descendant of the Porsche 904 with its mid-engine and has more than proven itself through its basic design. 


After careful selection, the chassis are prepared for the new AESTEC GTS body and receive various additional stiffeners and a roll cage integrated into the overall construction.


The bodies are made entirely of carbon fibre.





In order to meet the requirements of a modern sports car, we rely on the powerful Porsche engines of the M96 and M97 series for the aggregates. All engines built by us are completely assembled with new or state-of-the-art components. The assembly is carried out according to the dimensions of the original Porsche engine type in order to meet the emission classes prescribed for approval. We can fall back on an experienced team in the field of 6-cylinder boxer engines.


The following engine types are currently available:


  • Porsche M96 with 3,2l and 250hp
  • Porsche M96 with 3,4l and 300hp
  • Porsche M96 with 3,6l and 325hp
  • Porsche M97 with 3.8l and 355hp

Other engine variants like the 981 GT4 on request




Matching the engines, we offer a manual Porsche G86 5-speed gearbox as standard and a Porsche G87 6-speed gearbox on request. The transmissions are completely overhauled.


For even more sporty requirements, it is also possible to adjust the gear ratio and install a differential lock.



Further gearboxes and gear ratios on request.






Suspension and brakes


All chassis parts are carefully checked by us and all wearing parts are replaced by new ones. Depending on requirements and use, all chassis bushings can also be used here in polyurethane with different Shore hardnesses. 


In addition, threaded suspensions of the company KW variant 1, variant 3 and the Clubsport version. 


For optimal delays, the brake system is adapted to the engine power, depending on the engine we use the brake systems of the Porsche 996 or the Porsche 996 GT3/Turbo.






RECARO sports seats as the right balance between sportiness and comfort paired with the highest quality leathers, Alcantara and original Porsche wool fabrics ensure the uniqueness of each individual Aestec GTS and are bespoke to the personal passion of our drivers.


Innovative upgrades and comfort for road use with great passion for aesthetics and where possible the components are meticulously handmade.




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