Our vision is to leave the history of the Porsche 911 as a tribute to the 904 and to realise our idea of the 904. A vision that is always open to new ideas, both in the aesthetic and technological sense.

An AESTEC GTS should carry the aesthetics of the Porsche 904 and the technologically first-class amenities of a modern sports car.


As a basis for the Aestec GTS we use Porsche Boxsters of the 986 and 987 series. The Porsche Boxster is a direct descendant of the Porsche 904 due to its mid-engine concept.


The chassis is fitted with a roll cage specially developed for the Aestec GTS, which not only has a protective function. The construction makes the body extremely torsion-resistant, which benefits the driving characteristics.


The high stability of the chassis in combination with the optimal weight distribution of the mid-engine concept are the basis for a perfect balance between agility and comfort.


The revised chassis, the use of KW Variant 3 shock absorbers (which can be tuned according to the customer's wishes), the widened track and the low centre of gravity not only have a precise and calming effect when cornering at speed, but also improve the straight-line stability.


The lightweight bodywork specially designed for the Aestec GTS pays homage to the legendary Porsche 904, which was designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.

It is not only one of the most aesthetically successful designs in automotive history, it is also still considered one of the most beautiful sports cars ever built.

Despite its huge potential and especially in view of its undeniable successes in racing history, production for a road-going version of the Porsche 904 was planned but not pursued for cost reasons, even though the Porsche 904 was Ferdinand Alexander Porsche's personal favourite.


With our homage to the Porsche 904, we want to commemorate this legendary racing car.

For the desired drive, the following engines are available for the Aestec GTS, among others:


  • Porsche 4.1L 6-cylinder boxer engine with approx. 380hp.
  • Porsche 997 3,8L 6-cylinder boxer engine with 355hp
  • Porsche 996 3,6L 6-cylinder boxer engine with 320hp
  • Porsche 996 3,4L 6-cylinder boxer engine with 300hp


Every Aestec GTS is bespoke to the driver's requirements. It is up to the driver to decide whether the focus is on sportiness or suitability for everyday use. 


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